In Analogy Records since:
December 2014

Alf Wilhelm Lundberg (Norchestra)

Norwegian guitarist, pianist and composer from Haugesund. Working as a performer, composer, record producer and music educator. Education on jazz in Trondheim 1999-2003, focusing on jazz piano, jazz guitar and composition.

Went studying music in Haugesund from 97-99, where he received plenty of impetus in classical piano, jazz trumpet, composition and music history. It was in this creative and fruitful environment he found his peculiar way of mixing spontaneous improvisation with classical structure composition, a formula he has been true to side.

Right after high school he entered the jazz studies in Trondheim, and immersed himself there in jazz piano, jazz guitar and composition. He has also won several awards, receiving the highest scholarship during Umbria Jazz Clinics from Berklee College of Music in Perugia in 2003, and Statoil Sildajazz Price in 2004. He also received a travel grant from Fund for Performing Artists repeatedly to take hours with Ralph Towner (Roma), Nelson Veras (Paris) and Adam Rogers (New York).

In 2008, various grants from the Fund for Performing Artists to promote his activities as a composer, and in 2010 he was engaged as composer of the commissioned work to Sildajazz 2010 “Suite for the Seagulls” (supported by the Norwegian Arts Council), written for 8-string Brahmsgitar and meeting between Norchestra and the Italian string Quartet Gnu Quartet. He toured and recorded extensively in clubs and at festivals in Italy, France, Germany, Poland, England and Scandinavia. The focus in recent years has been to immerse themselves in the unique instrument Brahmsgitar that, with its expanded registry and distinctive timbre provides many exciting opportunities both in composition and improvisation.