Completely customizable, luxury reel to reel experience.
Choose between different tape formats, speeds, emulsions and EQs.
Hand made collector box, album booklet, unique design aluminum flange.
Access to special offers and VIP services.

Stock, high quality products.
Available in 2 or 4 tracks at 15 ips or 7,5 ips, LPR90, CCIR or NAB eq.
Standard RTM box, cine plastic flange
(10,5 inch / 265 mm).

Tailored, made to order and special projects including limited edition, unique albums, rarities and hard to find Original Master Tapes.
Custom hand made collector box, special color aluminum flange and more…
Access to special offers and VIP services

Our Master Tape sampler reel, eight songs from Analogy Records’ catalog covering any genre, from jazz to pop, from folk to classic contemporary. Available in both 15 and 7,5 ips, standard RTM box, cine plastic flange.
32 minutes running time.

Take up reels, boxes, spare parts and everything you may need to complete your Analogy’s experience.