Max De Aloe

In Analogy Records since:
May 2014

Max De Aloe is an intense and visionary musician and an atypical figure on the Italian musical scene. Regarded as one of the most gifted jazz harmonicists in Europe, he has stood out over the years for his original projects, often drawing from multiple music genres.

He combines his role as one of the most talented and skilful instrumentalists in his field with that of composer, poly-instrumentalist and true inventor of musical fairy tales. This is why his concerts are attended by a varied audience and his albums appeal to more than just jazz enthusiasts.

Boasting an eclectic personality, De Aloe has collaborated – both in the recording studio and live – with musicians of the calibre of Kurt Rosenwinkel, Adam Nussbaum, Paul Wertico, Bill Carrothers, John Helliwell of Supertramp, Eliot Zigmund, Mike Melillo, Don Friedman, Garrison Fewell, Dudu Manhenga, Franco Cerri, Renato Sellani, Gianni Coscia, Gianni Basso, Dado Moroni and many more.

His credits include twelve albums as lead artist and more than twenty as featuring artist, solo performances, drama and documentary soundtracks, as well as a number of collaborations with poets, writers, directors and actors (including Lella Costa, Oliviero Beha, Paolo Nori).

In the field of pop music, he has collaborated with Mauro Pagani, who wanted him as a featuring artist on Massimo Ranieri’s latest CD and as a solo artist guest on Italian TV channel RaiUno’s Saturday night live show “Sogno o son desto”.

In 2014, he provided live musical accompaniment in the ten episodes of “Federico Buffa Racconta Storie Mondiali”, broadcasted with extraordinary success by Sky Sport and Sky Arte, and played a series of concerts in Rio de Janeiro with harpist Marcella Carboni.

He has performed at numerous festivals and shows in various countries, including Germany, France, Denmark, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Madagascar and Brazil.

In Top Jazz 2011, the referendum conducted every year by monthly magazine “Musica Jazz” among sixty jazz journalists in Italy, De Aloe took second place as “Musician of the year” in the category “Miscellaneous” and first jazz harmonicist in Italy (achieving the same result also in the following years).

He divides his professional activity between concert performances and teaching.

He is founder and has been the director of Gallarate-based music school “Centro Espressione Musicale” since 1995 and has taught at the Teatro alla Scala’s Academy “Accademia d’Arti e Mestieri dello Spettacolo” in Milan.

Prestigious American publisher SHER MUSIC recently published his teaching method “Method for Chromatic Harmonica”, with a presentation, among many others, by Toots Thielemans.