Three Pieces of Glass vol.3


Artist: John Patitucci Trio


Mixed down on each order, unique design aluminum flange (NAB), SM900 tape, LIMITED EDITION GOLDEN BOX, album booklet, customizable tape formats, speeds, EQs and more. Exclusive access to special offers and VIP services. 

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Three Pieces of Glass: a masterful display of jazz bass and composition!

John Patitucci is one of the most versatile and accomplished bassists in jazz history, having collaborated with legends like Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, and Norah Jones. But his own projects showcase his mastery of both electric and double bass, as well as his creative vision as a composer and arranger. Three Pieces of Glass is a stunning example of his artistry.

“Without a Song” is a classic jazz standard that the trio plays with swing and joy. The song features some impressive solos by all three musicians, as well as some dynamic interaction.

“I Fall in Love too Easily” is a romantic ballad that showcases Patitucci’s solo acoustic bass. He plays with grace and emotion, creating a captivating atmosphere.

The album closes with “Messiaen’s Gumbo”, a playful piece by Patitucci that pays tribute to the French composer Olivier Messiaen and his use of exotic scales and rhythms. The trio has fun with the quirky and colorful tune, ending the album on a high note.



Track n.1 – Without a Song


Track n.2 – I Fall in Love too Easily


Track n.3 – Messiaen’s Gumbo








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Track 1

Without a Song – 8:58 (E. Eliscu / B. Rose / V. Youmans)

Track 2

I Fall in Love too Easily – 6:56 (J. Styne)

Track 3

Messiaen's Gumbo – 13:50 (J. Patitucci)

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