Three Pieces of Glass vol.2


Artist: John Patitucci Trio


Mixed down on each order, unique design aluminum flange (NAB), SM900 tape, LIMITED EDITION GOLDEN BOX, album booklet, customizable tape formats, speeds, EQs and more. Exclusive access to special offers and VIP services. 

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Three Pieces of Glass: a masterful display of jazz bass and composition!

John Patitucci is one of the most versatile and accomplished bassists in jazz history, having collaborated with legends like Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, and Norah Jones. But his own projects showcase his mastery of both electric and double bass, as well as his creative vision as a composer and arranger. Three Pieces of Glass is a stunning example of his artistry.

The mood shifts dramatically with “Mali”, a funky groove that showcases the trio’s explosive chemistry and virtuosity. Potter unleashes a fiery solo, followed by Patitucci’s dazzling display of chops and Blade’s dynamic drumming.

“The Source” is a complex and expressive jazz tune by saxophonist Chris Potter, recorded live in Italy with John Patitucci on bass and Brian Blade on drums. The song features impressive solos by all three musicians, who display their virtuosity and creativity over the intricate harmony.

“And I Love Her” is a Beatles song that Patitucci arranged for the trio. The song is transformed into a jazz waltz that highlights the melodic and harmonic richness of the tune. Potter plays with warmth and elegance, Patitucci adds some tasteful chords and Blade adds some subtle accents.




Track n.1 – Mali


Track n.2 – The Source


Track n.3 – And I Love Her








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Track 1

Mali – 13:49 (J. Patitucci)

Track 2

The Source – 8:59 (C. Potter)

Track 3

And I Love Her – 7:44 (J. Lennon / P. McCartney)

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