Unconventional Standards vol.1


Artist: Andrea Celeste


Mixed down on each order, unique design aluminum flange (NAB), SM900 tape, artisanal hand made collector box, album booklet, customizable tape formats, speeds, EQs and more. Exclusive access to special offers and VIP services.

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Covers have always been a risky business. Something that cannot be avoided by who wants to honor certain artists and their most known songs. It allows to measure and test themselves with authentic masterpieces and to prove their value to the audience.

Well, the risk mentioned above is not a worry for Andrea Celeste, singer-songwriter, performer and true musician, true as in someone that knows music and lives it fully, on her skin. Andrea Celeste does not only have a wonderful and versatile voice but she is a sort of musical woman, at one with her instrument, a performer that literally becomes a whole with what she sings. In just a few sentences you are captured by herself becoming the song, there is never a separation but rather a full identification in every small detail.

Who better than she can make a collection of super-classic songs (most of them from the ‘80s and ‘90s) literally hers? The ones that are part of the two volumes of “Vox Eternal” are not simply covers but something different, something new.

Micheal Jackson’s evergreens, MadonnaDuran DuranChicagoRadioheadPaul McCartney and many more are reinterpreted with a freshness and intensity that will leave you in awe. Celeste is not only performing, occasionally it feels like these songs have been written for her.

The credit goes also to the minimal arrangements, leaving the essence of the songs to an independent life from their authors. No electrical instruments adorn the refined jazz, but touches of pianodouble bass, and drums, sometimes gentle, sometimes more energetic, lead towards the purity of sound that lies in the folds of silence and passion that becomes a voice and walks with confidence through harmonies and melodies.

Forget about the covers, dig in deep, taste and savor them as you would a good wine. Andrea Celeste will take you on a discovery of countless details and previously unknown sensations of songs you would swear you knew inside out.




Track n.1 – I Just Can’t Stop Loving You


Track n.2 – Frozen


Track n.3 – Scarborough Fair


Track n.4 – God Put a Smile Upon Your Face


Track n.5 – Ordinary World


Track n.6 – If You Leave Me Now


Track n.7 – True

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Track 1

I Just Can’t Stop Loving You – 4:34 (Michael Jackson)

Track 2

Frozen – 3:49 (Madonna)

Track 3

Scarborough Fair – 3:28 (Traditional)

Track 4

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face – 4:39 (Coldplay)

Track 5

Ordinary World – 4:32 (Duran Duran)

Track 6

If You Leave Me Now – 4:11 (Chicago)

Track 7

True – 3:58 (Spandau Ballet)

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