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Andrea Celeste is back with her fifth album, Kaleidoscope – a multifaceted album that blends together the different musical souls of the Tuscany-born singer and songwriter and lets co-exist pop, folk, jazz, and a ‘sprinkle’ of classical music. The outcome is an amazing effect, as soon as the first notes fill the air.

Andrea Celeste’s impressive voice is accompanied by a band capable of creating the perfect ‘groove’, on which the lyrics flow softly and smoothly, like silk ribbons. Kaleidoscope is an educated-pop album, which you can listen to again and again, always getting a new taste of it. The arrangements are just superb, and the sound of the entire album reminds of the best American production from the 1970s, reinterpreted in a contemporary key, probably also thanks to the presence in the recording studio of Al Schmitt, the world-famous American producer from Capitol Studios and the winner of as many 23 Grammy Awards.

Andrea Celeste’s latest work is a powerful one, in which the sound is so deep and precise that the listener is totally embraced by it, from the opening notes of the first track to the intimate country-style ballad I Never Learn, in which Andrea’s warm voice seductively walks on tiptoes on an evocative and exquisitely rhythmic sound setting. Kaleidoscope probably reaches its creative peak in the heart moving ballad We won’t say goodbye and the sensual You got me, a track that somehow plays with Annie Lennox’s best production and takes us to what “being madly in love” probably means.

With this new album Andrea Celeste proves to be a free, mature artist, capable of skilfully mastering a variety of music styles. Such great versatility is reflected in particular in Naked, the second track, a lively ballad sustained by Andrea Maddalone’s frisky guitar incursions and the Formus Quartet’s majestic strings.

Kaleidoscope intertwines sounds and emotions, with some very jazzy tracks, like My Personal Hell, and a sensual, delicate rock one like You and Me, whose instrumental end is a powerful guitar solo which for too long had been missing from a pop album.




Track n.1 – Kaleidoscope


Track n.2 – Naked


Track n.3 – My Personal Hell


Track n.4 – Tutte Le Cose Che Non Ti Ho Detto


Track n.5 – You Got Me


Track n.6 – We Won’t Say Goodbye


Track n.7 – I Never Learn


Track n.8 – You And Me

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Track 1

Kaleidoscope – 5:11 (Andrea Celeste – Massimo Trigona)

Track 2

Naked – 3:56 (Andrea Celeste – Massimo Trigona)

Track 3

My Personal Hell – 4:08 (Andrea Celeste – Massimo Trigona)

Track 4

Tutte le Cose Che Non ti ho Detto – 4:07 (Andrea Celeste – Massimo Trigona)

Track 5

You Got Me – 3:49 (Andrea Celeste – Massimo Trigona)

Track 6

We Won’t Say Goodbye – 4:13 (Andrea Celeste – Massimo Trigona)

Track 7

I Never Learn – 4:21 (Andrea Celeste – Massimo Trigona)

Track 8

You And Me – 3:36 (Andrea Celeste – Massimo Trigona)


Andrea Celeste: Vocal and Backing Vocals // Massimo Trigona: Bass, Backing Vocals, additional guitar (7) // Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti: Drums // Andrea Maddalone: Guitars // Luca Cresta: Piano // Roberto Vigo: Piano (6, 8), Keyboards (1, 5, 6, 8) // Fòrmus Quartet: Strings


Produced by Roberto “Robbo” Vigo // Recorded by Al Schmitt, Assistant Engineer Steve Genewick // Additional recordings by Roberto “Robbo” Vigo, Assistant Engineer Luca Nasciuti // mixed at Zerodieci Studio, Genova-Italy, by Roberto “Robbo” Vigo // October 12th – November 3rd 2015

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