Enter Eyes Master #1


Artist: Andrea Celeste


This is our first Limited Edition Master Tape. Only two of these were made with a single, simultaneous and live mixdown to our reel-to-reel machines in parallel. There will be no other copies made on tape in the future. Ever. So act fast before they are gone…

This reel is made on 2 track, 1/4″ SM900 tape at 15 ips and CCIR eq.

This Master Tape is SOLD OUT.

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Liner notes:

By the time you’ll read these notes, either you’ll be intently listening to the cd or you’ll have already heard it…so it would practically be pointless to talk about its musical content. What I’d like to talk about instead is the “soul” or “artistic spirit”. A clearly undefinable thing that can differentiate a great musician, even, from an “artist”.

I’ve known Andrea Pozza since we both literally were wearing short trousers! By being more or less 3 years younger than me, his were even shorter but from the beginning I understood there was something truly special in that 11 year old boy. Like myself, he was very quiet, and our parents, super jazz fans, decided we should meet.
We started communicating through music and I remember that the first time I heard him play I got some of the same sensations only people like Bobby Timmons, Bill Evans and Sonny Clark were able to give! He had the “artistic spirit” and surely he hadn’t learn it from anybody.

During the years, I had the chance to appreciate his talent on countless occasions and still today Andrea, from his top hat, manages to pull out surprising things. Always! These days I have the privilege to collaborate with him in a piano duo and often he becomes the older brother producing ideas that I couln’t even start to think about.
He treats music with a pure and natural approach and he is one of my dearest friends in life.

On the other hand, I met Celeste only about a year and a half ago but all it took was a minute and I recognized the same artistic spirit, the same purity. Many years ago I had written a rather difficult song but, since it didn’t seem to go anywhere, I put it in the drawer, almost forgetting it. Then Celeste arrived and in three seconds, with the world’s greatest ease, she managed to give my tune new life, making it her own but at the same time honoring its original mood.

Her voice seems to come from a place that goes beyond the diaphragm. It is involving and hypnotic. She won me over without restrictions and, thanks to her soul, I feel we’ve been knowing each other forever.

It was obvious that, by meeting, these two souls would have created something fascinating and extraordinary…
whether it’s a standard or an original composition, it doesn’t matter because this work it’s permeated by such a freshness and humanity it leaves the listener cradled and enchanted.

Thanks Celeste, thanks Andrea. Two artistic spirit have met and I’m proud to be their friend! This is music…this is life.

Dado Moroni

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Track 1

Blackbird – 3:19 (Paul McCartney)

Track 2

I’ll Be There For You – 3:59 (G.De Paul – D.Raye)

Track 3

Gull’s Flight – 5:24 (A.Celeste – A.Pozza)

Track 4

Dancing Fog – 4:11 (B.Genuardi – A.Pozza)

Track 5

Pure Imagination – 3:27 (L.Bricusse – A.Newley)

Track 6

Love Is The Way – 3:26 (A.Celeste – A.Pozza)

Track 7

Bridge Over Troubled Water – 5:33 (P.Simon)