Here we go, at last!


Approximately two years have elapsed since we came up with the idea of creating a world-class quality record label, capable of producing contemporary artists in its own recording studio and spread their music on the best available analogue medium.

It was an uncompromising challenge – offering music to the most demanding, refined, and qualified listeners: audiophiles.

Over the last two years we have worked on countless aspects: the concept; the exclusive, unmistakable design of our aluminium flanges; the handmade boxes… We have performed technical tests, created a considerable number of prototypes, forged partnerships with major companies and small craftsmen alike.

We look for the most interesting and original artists, embracing a wide range of music genres, from jazz to classical music, from world to contemporary, from folk to country, all the way to stylish pop. Our production adventure has started with nine fascinating albums, and we are already working on new ones, expecting to release a new album every two months.

Now we are ready to offer you new music, where art and pure recording techniques blend together to create a perfect synergy; a music made of emotions and of the finest acoustic details, and filled with all our passion, care, and enthusiasm.

We are Analogy Records.