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Artist: Themtrio


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More Of Les tells the story of a happy meeting of three musicians sharing the same love for jazz, gospel and blues: pianist Dado Moroni, organist Alberto Marsico and drummer Alessandro Minetto.

The topic of the meeting couldn’t be anything else than Les McCann‘s music, and this is exactly what was recorded on a sunny summer day in Genova, Italy. Every tune of this album has been recorded or written by the Pittsburgh pianist, mostly in the ’60 era.

Dado, Alberto and Alessandro were inspired by the Les McCann’s trio period, in which he recorded with organist Richard “Groove” Holmes, guitarist Joe Pass, saxophonists Ben Webster, Stanley Turrentine and Teddy Edwards and vocalist Lou Rawls, to mention only a few. In those days his style was the “perfect marriage of church and swing capturing the spirit of the times in the same way that Ray Charles’ mixture of gospel and blues heralded the arrival of soul” as producer Joel Dorn said.

Les’ signature soul groove style mothered an entire movement of back-to-the-roots jazz. The spirit, the soul, the church, the blues and the groove are all here, captured on tape. The sheer excitement and joy of the three musicians can be easily heard in their moaning and screaming during the recording.




Track n.1 – That Healin’ Feelin’


Track n.2 – Carma


Track n.3 – Maichen


Track n.4 – Them That’s Got


Track n.5 – Gone On And Get That Church


Track n.6 – Tell Them About It

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Track 1

That Healin’ Feelin’ – 3:37 (Les McCann)

Track 2

Carma – 5:01 (Les McCann)

Track 3

Maichen – 6:39 (Les McCann)

Track 4

Them That Got – 7:01 (Ray Charles)

Track 5

Gone On And Get That Church – 4:35 (Les McCann)

Track 6

Tell Them About It – 6:02 (Les McCann)

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