Sampler 15 ips vol.2


15 ips Master Tape sampler reel, nine songs from Analogy Records’ catalog covering any genre, from jazz to pop, from folk to contemporary classic. Standard RTM box, 26,5 cm cine plastic flange and tracklist card. Available with SM900 and LPR90 tape, CCIR and NAB eq. 32 minutes running time.

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Track 1: Holding Back The Years
(from AR020 – Andrea Celeste Quartet – Unconventional Standards)
Genre: Jazz-Pop

Track 2: I’m Getting Sentimental
(from AR013 – Moroni-Gomez-La Barbera – Kind Of Bill vol.1)
Genre: Jazz (live recording)

Track 3: Quintetto Per Controfagotto Ed Archi – 3°mov
(from AR017 – Alessio Pisani – The Bogeyman)
Genre: Contemporary Classical

Track 4: Cantina Band
(from AR019 – NP Big Band – The Sunny Side Of The Swing vol.2)
Genre: Swing

Track 5: Sonata n.2 in fa maggiore RV41 (Allegro)
(from AR015 – Italian Cello Consort – Vivaldi Cello Sonatas vol.1)
Genre: Classical

Track 6: That Healin’ Feeling
(from AR023 – Themtrio – More Of Less)
Genre: Jazz-Blues

Track 7: Saltarello III
(from AR022 – Ensemble Palamento – The London Manuscript)
Genre: Medieval

Track 8: Born In An Apple Box
(from AR024 – Big Pete Pearson – Born In An Apple Box)
Genre: Blues

Track 9: La Campanella
(from AR026 – GnuQuartet – Paganini: The Rock Album)
Genre: Classical

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32 minutes


2 tracks, 1/4'


15 ips