Sampler 15 ips vol.1


15 ips Master Tape sampler reel, nine songs from Analogy Records’ catalog covering any genre, from jazz to pop, from folk to contemporary classic. Standard RTM box, 26,5 cm cine plastic flange and tracklist card. Available with SM900 and LPR90 tape, CCIR and NAB eq. 32 minutes running time.

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Track 1: Fascinating Fear
(from AR001 – Andrea Celeste – Something Amazing)
Genre: Acoustic Pop

Track 2: Peter Erskine drum solo from “Bulgaria”
(from AR004 – Peter Erskine European Trio – Live in Genova vol.3)
Genre: Jazz (live recording)

Track 3: Smells Like Teen Spirit
(from AR005 – Max De Aloe – Borderline)
Genre: Jazz

Track 4: Polca in La minore
(from AR006 – Liguriani – Stundai)
Genre: Folk – Traditional

Track 5: Stealing Peaches
(from AR007 – Red Wine – Pickin’ Friends)
Genre: Bluegrass

Track 6: extract from “Flowers Of Fragility”
(from AR009 – Elias Nardi Group – Flowers Of Fragility)
Genre: World

Track 7: My Personal Hell
(from AR010 – Andrea Celeste – Kaleidoscope)
Genre: Pop

Track 8: extract from “I – The Creation”
(from AR011 – Norchestra & GNU Quartet – Suite For The Seagulls)
Genre: Jazz-Pop

Track 9: extract from “Empedocle, l’Amore e lo Sfero”
(from AR012 – Aurelio Canonici – Between Earth And Heaven)
Genre: Contemporary Classical

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32 minutes


2 tracks, 1/4'


15 ips