Paganini: The Rock Album


Artist: Gnu Quartet


Mixed down on each order, unique design aluminum flange (NAB), SM900 tape, artisanal hand made collector box, album booklet, customizable tape formats, speeds, EQs and more. Exclusive access to special offers and VIP services.

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According to La Repubblica’s musical critic, Ernesto Assante, GnuQuartet has ideally continued the work of Kronos Quartet in drawing the most distant audiences near to the cultured music through the use of contemporary popular textures pushing themselves further, sweeping away the exclusivity of the classical music executions for quartet thanks to the mixed vivacity of the collaborations from pop to metal, from electronic music to the classical songwriting that have drawn together different audiences offering an always recognizable style.

The work of the Genoese band hits the mark. The common thread of Niccolò Paganini’s theme, for the most part taken from Capricci, unravels like a river through rocky meadows, clear waterfalls of notes, uneven rocky passages through which the noise of the water echos with energy, marshy natural harbors inhabited by mermaids, nocturnal landscapes with fireflies that dart quickly by, small playful and sparkling rapids of a rainbow of sounds.

The album is recorded live, with the energy of a concert. It scratches and seduces, rides the time with sudden changes and fast rhythms, echoes classical elegance and lets itself go to explosive sections of true rock.

The 12 tracks are full of spirit of research and innovation, a long way from stereotypes and full of respect and affection for the first rockstar of all time.

With the Capriccio 24 the auto ironic and playful note that has always highlighted the works of GnuQuartet making it much more evident, is not missing trough the lightness and richness of the reflections of their sound and of the most elegant arrangements.




Track n.1 – La Campanella


Track n.2 – Capriccio 4


Track n.3 – Capriccio 10


Track n.4 – Capriccio 3


Track n.5 – Capriccio 1


Track n.6 – Capriccio 22


Track n.7 – Capriccio 2


Track n.8 – Capriccio 6


Track n.9 – Sonata Op. 3


Track n.10 – Capriccio 24

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Track 1

La Campanella – 3:02

Track 2

Capriccio n°4 – 2:58

Track 3

Capriccio n°10 – 4:00

Track 4

Capriccio n°3 – 1:49

Track 5

Capriccio n°1 – 2:25

Track 6

Capriccio n°22 – 3:37

Track 7

Capriccio n°2 – 2:27

Track 8

Capriccio n°6 – 1:55

Track 9

Sonata Op.3 n°6 – 3:45

Track 10

Capriccio n°24 – 4:05


All songs composed by GnuQuartet based on original Paganini’s themes

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