New albums finally available !

We are glad to finally announce the availability of our 3 newest titles in the Premium version:

New titles available

AR010 – Andrea Celeste – Kaleidoscope (Pop)
“Andrea Celeste is back with her fifth album, Kaleidoscope – a multifaceted album that blends together the different musical souls of the Tuscany-born singer and songwriter and lets co-exist pop, folk, jazz, and a ‘sprinkle’ of classical music. The outcome is an amazing effect, as soon as the first notes fill the air.
Andrea Celeste’s impressive voice is accompanied by a band capable of creating the perfect ‘groove’, on which the lyrics flow softly and smoothly, like silk ribbons. Kaleidoscope is an educated-pop album, which you can listen to again and again, always getting a new taste of it. The arrangements are just superb, and the sound of the entire album reminds of the best American production from the 1970s, reinterpreted in a contemporary key, probably also thanks to the presence in the recording studio of Al Schmitt, the world-famous American producer from Capitol Studios and the winner of as many 23 Grammy Awards.”

AR011 – Norchestra & GNU Quartet – Suite For The Seagulls (Jazz-World)
“If an album can create pathos and a special atmosphere, then it is a good album. This is what immediately comes to mind when listening to Suite for the Seagulls for the first time. For this album, two among the best contemporary jazz bands – the Norwegian Norchestra and the Italian Gnu Quartet – have joined together to give life to a suite drawing inspiration from the seagulls that live along the western coast of Norway. The whole album revolves around a constant, lively and perfectly-timed dialogue between different instruments, which breathes life into five movements that smoothly flow into one another, as complementary pieces of a thorough, uninterrupted music discourse.”

AR012 – Aurelio Canonici – Between Earth And Heaven (Contemporary Classical)
Between Earth and Heaven is the latest album by Aurelio Canonici, a world-famous orchestra conductor and composer. Featuring outstanding musicians like Paola Biondi and Debora Brunialti at the pianos, the Mascoulisse Quartet at trombones, and Maurizio Ben Omar at percussions, Between Earth and Heaven is a musical journey that takes the listener to a world that borders between sleep and wakefulness, in a dreamlike experience that skilfully blends togetherminimalism and a soundtrack style, with hints of jazz and educated contemporary music.
Canonici has composed seven music frescos – stepping into this magic world painted by him is like following Lewis Carrol’s Alice through the looking-glass, along a path surrounded by charming sounds and spells that really let us catch a glimpse of that thin line of shadow that connects the Earth to Heaven.”

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