More reel to reel tapes for Analogy Records

Reel-to-reel, audiophile label Analogy Records announces its plans for the first half of 2016, adding 3 more titles to the catalog, for a total of 12 albums available on magnetic tape.

Andrea Celeste’s “Kaleidoscope” is the upcoming release, an intense acoustic pop album recorded by the legendary Producer, 24 times Grammy winner Al Schmitt.
Reel to reel tapes kaleidoscope

“Suite For The Seagulls” is one of a kind jazz album, the meeting between the Norwegian Artist Alf Wilhelm Lundberg and his “Norchestra” and the Italian classical GNU Quartet.
Reel to reel tapes: Suite for the Seagulls

Finally, “Between Earth and Heaven” will be the first classic-contemporary album of Analogy Records, the international piano duo Biondi-Brunialti leads the album among percussions and brass.
Reel to reel tapes - Between Earth and Heaven

These new albums will be progressively available from Spring to early Summer 2016 via Analogy Records e-shop: