Analogy Records and Natural Sound LIVE performance at Milano Hi-Fidelity!

After the great success of the Warsaw Audio Show, the Singer, Composer and Author Andrea Celeste, leading artist of the audiophile magnetic tape label Analogy Records, will be guest of Natural Sound’s room to the next Milano Hi-Fidelity 2016, the day of Saturday, April 2.

With an exciting concert, the singer will sing live demoing the qualities of Ubiq speakers Model One, the electronic FM Acoustics and power cables Faber’s Cable, while the source of the music will be a tape recorder Studer A810.

Andrea Celeste will present her new album Kaleidoscope, already available on limited and numbered edition CD and upcoming, on magnetic tape for Analogy Records.

Andrea Celeste - Analogy Grammofono2

“Mezmerizing, powerful, stylish “ is how the voice of this young singer-songwriter has been described by critics.

Born in 1986, Andrea Celeste is a Tuscan – yet Ligurian “by adoption” – singer and songwriter. When she was eleven, she began studying classical singing and piano with Maestro Vittorio Scali. At the same time she developed a passion for Afro-American music, especially for Gospel and Jazz, and began to sing at several recording studios all over the Northern Italy, where she had the chance to experiment with different musical genres and develop her versatility.

Andrea Celeste won both the public’s, and the critics’ heart with her albums “My Reflection” (Zerodieci/Shake Records 2008), Enter Eyes (Zerodieci/Incipit 2009) and “Something Amazing” (Zerodieci 2012), including precious original songs, composed by her, as well as unique renditions and arrangements of famous international hits, mixing pop, soul and jazz.

On December 16th, 2013 she released her first album in Italian, “Se stasera sono qui” (If I Am Here Tonight – Zerodieci 2013), an awsome collection of songs written by songrwrites from Genoa, such as Bindi, Tenco, Lauzi, De Andrè, Fossati, De Scalzi, Mannerini, and rendered by Andrea Celeste with great class and intensity, thus proving her outstanding versatility and interpretative talent. This album features also Zibba and Vittorio De Scalzi (New Trolls). In summer 2014, Andrea Celeste was also nominated for the “Targa Tenco” prize as “best performer”.

Thanks to her outstanding talent, since the beginning of her career she has performed in many concerts, taking part to many renowned European festivals and events, such as Milano Gospel Festival, Monte Carlo Jazz Festival (Monaco), Dima Jazz Festival (Constantine, Algeria), Ischia Jazz, and performing at Blue Note in Milan, Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola (New York, USA), Wabe (Berlin), and at the opening ceremony of Versace Home in Kiev (Ucraina), Milano Gospel Festival, Festival del Cinema di Roma, Lovere Jazz, Valbadia Jazz Festival. She shared the stage with famous artists such as Dado Moroni, Vittorio De Scalzi, Mario Biondi, Joe Locke, Cheryl Porter, Andrea Pozza, Mauro Grossi, Ares Tavolazzi, Riccardo Fioravanti, Paolo Zampini, Roberto Gatto, Rosario Bonaccorso.

Andrea Celeste’s talent has been recognized on several occasions: she was awarded the “ Via Del Campo 2012” prize by Patrizia Tenco and the Gianni Tassio Association, and invited by the Minister Giorgia Meloni to the Festival TNT. She was also awarded by the Chief of the Staff to the Italian Army at Italian Army 152nd Anniversary celebrations.
Kaleidoscope is Andrea Celeste’s fifth studio album, produced by Roberto Vigo for Analogy Records and recorded by legendary producer and sound engineer Al Schmitt (Capitol Studio, Los Angeles). All the tracks were written with by Andrea Celeste and Italian bassist Massimo Trigona, except for “Il Mio Mondo”, Italian cover of Umberto Bindi’s international hit “You’re My World” and “Eri Con Me”, written with Italian singer-songwriiter Karen Ciaccia. The concept behind this album is inspired by a kaleidoscopic vision of songwriting which led to a highly emotional work supported by world music, jazz and acoustic pop sounds.